Wolf Gone Wild Juliette Cross

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This is one of the hardest reviews I've ever had to write. I've been going back and forth, trying to figure out how to adequately capture just how freaking AMAZEBALLS this story was. How can I get you, my fellow reader, to fully understand the necessity of adding this book to your reading experience How can I provide you with sufficient information to tempt you into taking the plunge, without giving too much of this story's SENSATIONAL goodness away Juliette Cross will always be one of my favorite authors and this book only further cemented that fact!

There's an insanely sexy werewolf named Mateo. I mean, this man is freaking SEX-SAY!
He's a metalwork artist, owns his own gallery, and the author created him with such perfection that I was left swooning and silly all over the place. Every scene left me with a goofy smile on my face and I was in absolute heaven with this man!!
He's been cursed, he doesn't know who did it, and honestly it was hard to believe someone would do that to him because he was such an incredible man. Honest and kind, humble and talented, he was everything a girl could want and wish for in a fantastic hero.

Then there's Evie, a witch, a hex breaker, and generally impressive person
She was a heroine after my own heart. She was a geek when it came to all things Marvel (like me), she was obsessed with Star Wars (like me) ... to be real, if I had even a modicum of artistic talent (like my kids), I'd totally see myself in her. As it was, she was AWESOME! She was full of pure and positive energy, she was sweet and smart, and she was breathtaking.
While working to help Mateo unleash his wolf, she befriends him and quickly learns that remaining friends isn't what she truly wants. How can she possibly resist his stunning temptation

Seriously, if you love romance... if you love great characters... if you love all things paranormal... if you love to laugh and swoon and grin like a loon... you will most definitely LOOOOOVE this book!!

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