Tigers, Not Daughters

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Samantha Mabry has quickly become one of my favorite authors as I loved this haunting atmospheric tale about sisterly love, and their struggles to protect each other as they discover themselves, that is weaved into this paranormal magical story.

The Torres sisters Ana, Jessica, Iridian, and Rosa try to escape unsuccessfully from their miserable life in San Antonio, and from their despotic father. One evening, Ana the oldest sister, falls to her death from her bedroom window. The year following Ana's death, we see how the sisters mourn her death - each with their own way of handling the loss. All the while, mysterious ghostly and haunting events begin to consume their lives.

Mabry wrote in vivid and poetic prose, giving these sisters their own voice through their unique personalities. The characterization was well thought out and their stories so captivating.

The writing was gracefully executed through this dark and messy turbulence in the lives of these sisters after a violent death. I was so drawn to this distinctive style of writing by Mabry and read this book slowly not wanting it to end.


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