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"Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone's bad qualities because they somehow complete you."

I really enjoyed this book, I feel like it was much better compared to The Moon and More. My marathon for Sarah Dessen books is going really great and I haven't been in a Reading Slump so I am really happy! I loved this book although I was expecting more for the ending. So many people recommended that I should read this or Just Listen and those two are my favorites, along with Along for the Ride and What Happened to Goodbye.

"I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith, and that a soft landing is never guaranteed."

Remy doesn't believe in long relationships and love. After all, her mother is marrying for the fifth time. Remy believes that relationships with boys last only a few months. She has a set of rules for her relationships and if anyone messes with those rules, she wont have them in her life anymore. But then she meets Dexter, a guy in a band. One of her rules was for her not to date a musician, but for some reason, she broke that rule. Is Remy starting to understand the real meaning to relationships and love

"You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It's not overrated. There's a reason for all those songs."

I know that Remy is so cold-hearted at times but people didn't understand the fact that she thought of this because of her mother. Her mother kept marry men and then divorcing them, I mean, what was Remy supposed to think Although I didn't agree with some of her choices, I believed that she was living in an environment that made her think this. And it was really sad because I could relate to Remy in so many ways. And I understood how she felt because of the fact that it was so easy to relate to her.

"Everything, in the end, comes down to timing. One second, one minute, one hour could make all the difference."

All her friends were so funny but at times, I didn't like how they would force Remy to do things. They would keep bothering her to do something in order for them to get their way. But I like how Remy, Chloe, Jess, and Lissa have each other's back. I love the diet coke thing that they do, it is hilarious. The way their friendship works is really nice and they all have a good understanding about each other.

"I just thought to my self, all of a sudden, that we had something in common. A natural chemistry, if you will. And I had a feeling that something big was going to happen. To both of us. That we were, in fact, meant to be together."

Dexter was probably my favorite part of the story, he was just so funny and straight-forward. I really liked his personality and he was so different. He listens to everything you have to say and is honest with you. Even though he could be pushy at times, it's not in a negative way like Theo from The Moon and More. He was the more funny, pushy type who would make you laugh. And the bonding between Remy and him was so nice and sweet. Monkey and Dexter's relationship was the best! Monkey is the best fictional dog ever, I wish I could meet Monkey in real life. And not to mention John Miller's relationship with Dexter. I loved the scene where they were all like "HUFFAH"!

I feel like Dexter would look like Dexter from Ever After High without glasses. :)

The plot of this book was another thing I liked about this book. I loved Remy's mom and I didn't like Don at all. The pacing of the book was fast-paced and I got through it in one sitting. It was just so good, I couldn't stop reading! That's another thing I love about Sarah Dessen, she makes the book easy to relate to and fast-paced.

"Right now, though, I wanted not to think forward or backward, but only to lose myself in the words."

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in reading Sarah Dessen's book. You should start on this one because it might be my second favorite book by her. Or, it you have read a Sarah Dessen book, I highly recommend you pick this book up, it's hilarious.

"The fate of your heart is your choice and no one else gets a vote"

Carl Streator is a reporter investigating Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for a soft-news feature. After responding to several calls with paramedics, he notices that all the dead children were read the same poem from the same library book the night before they died. It’s a ‘culling song’ – an ancient African spell for euthanising sick or old people. Researching it, he meets a woman who killed her own child with it accidentally. He himself accidentally killed his own wife and child with the same poem twenty years earlier. Together, the man and the woman must find and destroy all copies of this book, and try not to kill every rude sonofabitch that gets in their way. Lullaby is a comedy/drama/tragedy. In that order. It may also be Chuck Palahniuk’s best book yet.

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